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Additional Services

Safety Deposit Boxes –

Box Sizes include 3 x 5, 3 x 10, & 5 x 10. Annual costs will vary with each size, please contact us for additional information.

Box Size
Annual Fee

Bank Money Orders –

A safe and convenient way to mail payments - offered to our customers at a minimal fee. Club Checking members may purchase money orders at no charge.

Wiring Services –

such as wire transfers are available for our customers outgoing and incoming, international & domestic. Please contact us for additional information and costs.

Coin Counting –

bring in your loose change to be counted and deposit to your account.

Illinois Secretary of State License Renewal Stickers –

why stand in line at the drivers facility, bring in your renewal form and we can issue you your sticker for an additional $5.00 fee.

Notary Public –

bring in your legal documents and we will certify your signature.

Rec-Check –

a personal accounting system provides our customers with a tool for keeping accurate records of income and expense for tax and other purposes. The Personal Accountant customer is provided with a monthly report, along with the bank statement. The statement reflects the monthly and year-to-date accumulated totals for each of the pre-selected income and expense categories encoded on their checks. The categories are general standardized, but can easily be tailored to suite each individual.

Faxing –

we have a fax machine that we will allow the public to use for a minimal fee per page.  

Trust Department –

our Trust Department can assist your with the financial future.

Contact Dan Nederhoff, President.

Bill Pay —

Milledgeville State Bank is proud to offer, CheckFree RXP, the industry’s leading electronic billing and payment solution. An enhanced user interface, full-service payment processing and the availability of hundreds of e-bills to our customers. The features of this product are:

  • Same day and overnight bill payments: Allows our customers to schedule and process expedited bill payments
  • Account-to-account transfers: Allows our customers to transfer money between their accounts at your institution and accounts at other institutions, utilizing proven Fiserv payments infrastructure and settlement processes
  • ZashPay® personal payments: With ZashPay from Fiserv, our customers can pay the people they know, or owe, using either the recipient’s email address or phone number. And, unlike cash or checks, the funds are available in the recipient’s banking account in as little as one business day
  • Flexible interface: The enhanced, streamlined user interface delivers one of the easiest and most intuitive online bill management experiences ever. Consolidated tasks and “single-point” convenience mean more flexibility in managing bill payment and activating e-bills
  • Real-time activity: Our customers experience a real-time view of their bill payment activity — including their funding account balance, pending payments and payment posting information. Plus, they can choose the convenience of making next-day payments to many of their payees
  • Integrated information: CheckFree RXP provides a seamless bill management experience by integrating critical information from your online banking application, giving our customers a comprehensive view of their bill payment activity

Any questions about Milledgeville State Bank’s Billpay solution, contact Scott Foltz or Donna Landis.

Mobile Banking —

Milledgeville State Bank’s mobile banking solution, Mobiliti, is the single most dependable, credible solution in mobile banking, alerting and payments. Please contact Scott Foltz or Donna Landis to inquire about Mobile Banking.