Consumer Loans

Consumer Loans

Milledgeville State Bank offers many kinds of consumer loans, along with competitive rates and terms, designed to meet your personal needs.

Installment Loans –

This type of loan provides a payment plan with a specific term. The most popular installment loans include new and used vehicles, motor homes, or that boat you always wanted, but you can also use an installment loan to consolidate debt, pay off credit cards or medical bills or even go on vacation. We also offer automatic payments from your Milledgeville State Bank deposit account…monthly, bi-weekly or weekly.

Personal Loans –

This type of loan can provide a flexible repayment plan, determined by you and your lending officer.

Certificate of Deposit Secured –

Use your Milledgeville State Bank Certificate of Deposit as collateral for your loan and pay interest at a slightly higher rate than your certificate earning rate. This type of loan also gives you a flexible repayment plan, usually matching the terms of your investment, and saves you from a penalty payment for early withdrawal.

Home Equity Line of Credit –

Put the equity of your home to work for you, and write yourself a loan, anytime, anywhere. It’s just a check away, by using your personal home equity checks we provide at no expense to you. Use the money for whatever you wish – college expenses, new vehicle, vacation, wedding or pay off some bills. We offer a fixed rate for a term of 5 years that can be extended for additional terms. You and your lending officer can discuss your monthly payment plan. And the interest you pay of this loan may be fully tax deductible (Please consult your tax advisor in this regard.)

Completing a loan application is the first step. Once approved, your lending officer can offer helpful advice for choosing the loan that best meets your needs. For more information about a Milledgeville State Bank consumer loan, talk with Deb… by telephone, by e-mail or in person. We’ll listen.