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  • Toll Free: 888-251-8026
  • Fax:  815-225-7173
  • Telebank Phone: 815-225-7521
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Carter, Jerry

Vice President/Cashier 231

Deets, Vicki

Assistant Cashier 239

Foltz, Scott

Assistant Vice President 235

Gebhardt, Kim

Receptionist 0

Hutchison, Liz

Mortgage Loan Officer 222

Judas, Debra

Assistant Vice President


Landis, Donna

Operations Officer/
Assistant Cashier

Queckboerner, Holly

Teller 0

Kness, Valeria

Teller/Proof Operator 226

Nederhoff, Dan

President 232

Nobis, Erin

Teller/Proof Operator 0

Scholl, Matt

Ag Loan Officer


Shenefelt, Barb Teller


Thorngren, Rita Teller