Deposit Services

Our Commitment to You

Milledgeville State Bank is committed to serving our local community with excellent service and superior products to fill your every banking need. All of our accounts are protected by FDIC insurance up to federal limits. We offer all that other banks do and more!

Checking Accounts

Milledgeville State Bank offers a variety of checking accounts to meet your individual needs. Whether you want a low cost account with unlimited check writing or an account that earns interest on your checking funds, we have an account that is just right for you.

Savings Accounts

No matter what amount of money you want to put aside, we want to help you make it grow. Whether your savings goals are short term or long, we can suggest a savings plan to meet you specific needs.

Debit Card

Milledgeville State Bank debit cards allow you to make purchases directly from your checking account at over 14 million merchants worldwide. Milledgeville State Bank debit cards are faster than writing checks, easier and safer than carrying a lot of cash. Your card can be used at any merchant displaying the MasterCard logo. You can also use your debit card just like a regular ATM card to get cash at any MasterCard or Cirrus ATM terminal. Your Milledgeville State Bank Debit Card makes keeping track of your money simpler, too. Every purchase you make appears on your monthly checking account statement. Stop in or contact Milledgeville State Bank to apply for your debit card today.

ATM Access

With all of our checking accounts and liquid savings accounts you can have your own Milledgeville State Bank debit card, linked to Shazam, Plus, and Interlink, giving you access to your money, no matter where you travel.

Direct Deposit

Having your paycheck or Social Security check directly deposited into either your savings or checking account provides a convenient, safe, and automatic way of depositing your income. You have immediate access to your funds and save time by avoiding trips to the bank.

Policy Disclosure

Click here if you would like us to send you a current copy of our disclosures referring to Deposit Account Agreement, Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement, and Funds Availability.