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Certificates of Deposit

Grow Your Savings with a CD from Milledgeville State Bank

The word “investment” can bring with it the fear of losing everything. However, certificates of deposit are investments that are safe to grow over time. CDs at Milledgeville State Bank are protected and insured to the $250,000 FDIC limit, and are available in a variety of terms with competitive rates. CD earnings are paid quarterly if the term is a year or longer, as well as at maturity on shorter term CDs. Please note that there is a substantial interest penalty for early withdrawal from your CD.

CDs at Milledgeville State Bank are flexible. You can choose to have your CD automatically renewed at maturity. A notice is sent out two weeks prior to your CD’s maturity, and you are given 10 calendar days from the date of your CD’s maturity to withdraw your funds without penalty. 


Invest Smartly with a Certificate of Deposit from Milledgeville State Bank


To learn more about CDs, find our CD rates or get started with your certificate of deposit, contact or come by Milledgeville State Bank today.