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Convenience and Simplicity from the MasterCard® Debit Card

Let’s face it: writing checks is a hassle. When you are out shopping or away from home, writing a check can be difficult and cumbersome, and cash is not always easy to get. With a MasterCard® debit card from Milledgeville State Bank, purchases and withdrawing cash can be a snap!

Milledgeville State Bank’s MasterCard® debit card is connected to your checking account. When you make a purchase, the amount comes straight out of your checking account, meaning you do not have to worry about high interest on credit. 

The best part about the MasterCard® debit card from Milledgeville State Bank is its purchasing power. Since your debit card is linked to MasterCard®, Plus, Shazam and Interlink, you can access your accounts at ATMs across the world! Your debit card is also accepted for payment at any establishment that accepts MasterCard® credit cards. 

Ask About a MasterCard® Debit Card from Milledgeville State Bank Today

Put the purchasing power of one of the most accepted debit cards in your hands. Contact or come by Milledgeville State Bank today to learn how to get your MasterCard® debit card.